The Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) is a partnership of 32 national associations and construction unions representing hundreds of thousands of individuals with a direct market interest in federal transportation programs. Established in July 1996 and co-chaired by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) and the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America, the TCC focuses on federal budget and surface transportation program policy issues.

TCC activists can be found in virtually every congressional district and provide a vital service to their communities by helping to improve the efficiency and safety of America’s transportation infrastructure. The TCC’s unique membership enables the coalition to articulate with one voice the impact of federal policies and investment levels on all aspects of the transportation construction industry. TCC member organizations represent contractors, the planning and design community, safety professionals, materials and manufacturing industries, and their employees. Over the years, the TCC and its member organizations have conducted a multi-faceted advocacy campaign aimed at boosting investment in surface transportation infrastructure and achieving policy reforms to improve the efficiency of the federal-aid programs.

TCC activities include: direct lobbying, grassroots activism, empirical research, public education, polling, advertising and earned media. The TCC played a major leadership role in the passage of:


Transportation Equity Act
for the 21st Century


Safe, Accountable,
Flexible, Efficient
Transportation Equity Act:
A Legacy for Users


Moving Ahead for Progress
in the 21st Century


Fixing America’s Surface
(FAST) Act

The TCC has initiated similar advocacy campaigns to help build support for legislation to reauthorize the U.S. aviation and airport construction programs.

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